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About macdonald media

The company’s principal - award-winning journalist and author, Norman Macdonald - has had a long and successful media career spanning more than 30 years, working in local and national newspapers as a reporter, news editor and editor.

He is described as a ‘gamekeeper-turned-poacher’ and is recognised as someone who knows how the media works and how to work the media. He has excellent media and political contacts and delivers outstanding results for clients.

But Macdonald offers more than just a media and public affairs service to clients, having the ability to think ‘out the box ‘ to deliver solutions to clients’ problems and to make things happen.

Macdonald said: “We don’t do hyperbole at Macdonald Media - we do straight-talking and honesty with clients.

“Otherwise, it would probably end in disappointment for the client. So, we’d rather not do disappointment, either.

“But what Macdonald Media does do for clients, is to plan and put into action a creative, effective - and sometimes fun - media and problem-solving strategy, which gets the results we’re both looking to achieve.

“If we say we’ll do something - it will get done.”