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What macdonald media can do for you


Since image is everything - and using all forms of media – Macdonald Media will create a positive public perception of you and your organisation. We will also get the information about your products and services, along with your opinions and messages to the people that matter.

With our expertise we can use the media as a vehicle to drive your message home to your customers, stakeholders and the public.

We do what it says under our name - deliver effective public relations.


No need to make a drama out of a crisis. Macdonald Media will provide the calm and clear-headed communications strategy to steer you through any potential PR disaster.

We will ensure your point of view is expressed in the strongest terms to the media, defending your position in the face of any criticism or negative publicity.

But the best way of dealing with a crisis is to be prepared. Macdonald Media can also work with your management teams to ensure they have a plan in place to limit any damage to your reputation.


Getting your views across to the decision makers and opinion formers is vital to a successful business. Macdonald Media will lobby on your behalf to make sure your views are at the forefront before any decisions are taken.

We can also create valuable good relations with the communities and stakeholders in any geographical area or business sector. Macdonald Media has had much success in helping secure planning permissions on behalf of major companies and organisations like Capital Shopping Centres, Tesco, Dobbies and St Mirren FC.


If you want complete control of what people read about you, there is no better way than having your own newspaper or magazine.

Macdonald Media produces and distributes newspapers and magazines that contain exactly the right message clients want people to read and in a format they are comfortable with and use on a daily basis to get their information.


Our book publishing subsidiary, Macdonald Media Publishing has published books from some of the best writers in the country.

If you have a manuscript or idea for a book that people will want to read, we want to hear from you. We’re always on the lookout for people with a good story to tell.


A problem is only a solution waiting to happen for Macdonald Media. Whether it’s business or personal issues, we will find that solution. With a wealth of experience in strategy, negotiating and advocacy, Macdonald Media will work tirelessly to find the best outcome for its clients.